Stray Bird

Stray Bird - The New York Premiere. Documentary about the New York Premiere of "Stray Bird - A Danced Tribute To Ursula Mamlok" in October 2017. Choreography: Miro Magloire, Rebecca Walden, Mara Driscoll. Music: Ursula Mamlok. Costumes: Sarah Thea. Dancers: Sarah Atkins, Elizabeth Brown, Kristine Butler, Traci Finch, Amber Neff. Musicians: Cree Carrico, soprano; Martha Cargo, flute; Carlos Cordeiro, clarinet; The Momenta String Quartet: Emilie-Anne Gendron, Alex Shiozaki (violin), Stephanie Griffin (viola), Michael Haas (cello). Film by Anne Berrini (director) and Ronald König (camera). Presented with major support from Dwight and Ursula Mamlok Foundation in collaboration with the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany New York. Additional support by the Jerome Robbins Foundation and the Aaron Copland Fund for Music, Inc., C.F. Peters Music Publishers, Boosey & Hawkes.


A Profile of New Chamber Ballet: “New Chamber Ballet is an all female troupe composed of independent soloists aiming to reorganize dated perceptions about ballet, femininity and strength. Their performances are a two way, organic process between dancer and choreographer. Though dance is certainly one of humanity's deepest and most primal modes of self-expression, Miro Magloire and the New Chamber Ballet are revealing new possibilities in an ancient form.” Published by Convicts NYC in 2019, with rehearsal and performance footage, and interviews with dancers Sarah Atkins, Kristy Butler, Traci Finch, Amber Neff, Madeleine Williams, and artistic director Miro Magloire.


Mandragore. Performed by New Chamber Ballet. Choreography: Miro Magloire. Music: Tristan Murail, "La Mandragore" for piano. Danced by: Traci Finch and Amber Neff. Musician: Melody Fader, piano. May 19, 2016



Voicelessness. Performed by New Chamber Ballet. Choreography: Miro Magloire. Music: Beat Furrer, "voicelessness" for piano. Danced by: Amber Neff and Shoshana Rosenfield. Musician: Melody Fader, piano. June 17, 2016



Djazz. Performed by New Chamber Ballet. Choreography: Miro Magloire. Music: Maurice Ravel, 2nd violin sonata. Danced by: Sarah Atkins, Amber Neff, and Shoshana Rosenfield. Musicians: Melody Fader, piano; Doori Na, violin. June 17, 2016. Djazz was commissioned by Leslie and Richard Curtis.


Broken Chains

Broken Chains, performed by New Chamber Ballet on the construction site of Grace Farms' new building by SANAA Architects. New Canaan, CT, July 2014. Choreography and sound: Miro Magloire. Costumes: Sarah Thea. Dancers: Sarah Atkins, Traci Finch, and Amber Neff.


Echoes In The Grass

Echoes In The Grass, performed by New Chamber Ballet. Choreography: Miro Magloire. Dancers: Sarah Atkins, Elizabeth Brown, Holly Curran, Traci Finch, and Cassidy Hall. Performed at Grace Farms, New Canaan, CT, on opening weekend, October 9, 2015.