Audition Information



Audition Information



Dear Dancer,

Thank you for your interest in New Chamber Ballet! Please read the following tips if you plan to audition.

We currently do not have any vacancies. New Chamber Ballet has no apprentice or corps de ballet positions - all dancers are soloists. The company is a long-time collaboration of a small group of dancers and musicians, and therefore the turnover rate is quite low.

To be a dancer in New Chamber Ballet strong technique is very important, but so are artistry, experience and personality. Dancers typically join after having taken class with the company for an extended period of time.

Due to the small size of the company, the range of dancer heights is narrower than in most companies. New Chamber Ballet's dancers are all tall: the women are at least 5'7". There are currently no men in the company, but when there are they are at least 6' tall.

Because of our work schedule you should only consider New Chamber Ballet if you are already living in the New York City area. Come see the company perform (or spend some time with our videos available on youtube), and if you find you are really interested in the work we do, contact us by e-mail to arrange an audition.

Miro Magloire,
Artistic Director







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